You Have a Job to Do


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In entrepreneurship, things don’t fit into neat, little boxes. Even when your work is guided by good intentions.

You can take all of the training you want, but something’s gonna’ get screwed up, eventually. You will be inefficient, eventually. You’ll drop things, you’ll erase the perfect post, you’ll find out that your back up didn’t back you up.

Your fix-it-for-free friend will be out of the country, and your paid service will put you on hold for 45 minutes. And then say they’ll research the issue and call you back within 48 hours.

Your email will crash. Your site’ll get hacked. Multiple times. Your wifi’ll get spotty during your live Skype TV interview.

After spending hours reconciling your books, you’ll still be off by $0.11.

You’ll call the wrong client at the right appointment time. You’ll have to stick to your prices and your policies, even though your job is to heal, not police (it is, in fact, both). You’ll get stuck in traffic and want to cry because you’re late for that important meeting and you really need the client so you can meet your weekly quota.

You’ll sweat the small stuff. Your Spirit will slide into the backseat and your Ego won’t let go of the wheel. You’ll judge yourself. You’ll feel hypocritical. And that’ll make it hurt even more.

You’ll stay up too late. You’ll sleep in and feel guilty. Your tears will confess just how tired you are of trying to figure it all out.

But then, eventually, you’ll remember that you don’t have to.

You’ll remember that you are supported… by the whole Universe. By a practice that is thousands of years old. You’ll close your eyes and think of your clients, and see your service light up the space around them. You’ll gain perspective and know that, in the big scheme, creating this life’s work of yours isn’t really taking that long.

You’ll tell someone what you get to do every day, and let their excitement about it reignite yours.

You’ll hire more people to help you, and connect with other entrepreneurial types who generously share their ideas, resources, stories and shoulders.

You’ll learn to be still. You’ll marvel at the courageous choice that you made. Again and again.

You’ll remember that you are, yes, strong. Smart. Full of brilliant ways to make your corner of the world so much better.

You will not give up. Your business will grow. You will grow with it.

You will be completely energized one day, and totally exhausted the next. You will wonder why you started.

But you’ll be unable to stop. Because, in your heart, you’ll know that it’s what you can’t not do.

You’ll know that you’re right where you should be. That you’re already perfect, and right on your way.

You’ll connect with that still, small voice that got you into this beautiful mess — the voice that guides you down the road of endless possibility.

You’ll listen to it, closely. You’ll reconnect with why you’re here. You’ll remember that you have a job to do. You’ll breathe.

And you’ll get back to work.

This post is dedicated to business owners who work to help and heal (though regardless of your official employment status, you’ve got a job to do, too!). If you want to download, print, add it to your folder, post, etc. you can get the pretty, printable version: just click here.



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  1. This is so true!!! Thank you for this, love.

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