You Do NOT Have to Read This

HGY Woman Loves LaptopI sent this LoveNote to my newsletter readers this morning, but the message is SO important that I’m re-posting it here…

Believe it or not, we’re almost in the third month of the “new” year. And from what I hear (and feel), things are busier than ever, so this week I’m letting you in on a little time-saving secret:

You do NOT have to read this.

I mean, since you’ve gotten this far, you’re obviously reading it this week… but that doesn’t mean you have to next week, or the week after. You can actually skip, 100% guilt-free, anytime you need to. You can even choose to just delete the old emails (!!) and start fresh later.

I call it… “purge practice.”

The thing is, I love connecting with you. I love supporting your self-care, sharing tips of the trade and seeing new names on this list every week. But if you’re stressed out about getting more information in, that will not help you absorb or apply it to your life.

So, when you get inbox overwhelm, please take care of yourself by taking charge of the influx. Don’t wipe out all of your emails blindly, of course (been there, not helpful), but do think long-term, make an educated assessment and, then, take out your proverbial trash.

For instance, ask and answer:

Which messages will help me be the best version of myself today? This week?
How much space can I free up in my inbox and mental bandwidth by deleting old emails?
What am I really holding on to here?

Of course, this is just one example of how creating a mindful purge practice can help you rock out your week. Start with email, and then think about other ways that you can routinely let go of what no longer serves you.

Sometimes simply getting rid of things is the best way to begin. (click to tweet)

big love,


One last note: this process can be scary. Go slowly. Get support. And good luck with letting go!

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