The right self-care makes everything you do better.

Care Curriculum, Resources + Private Advising

As a private client, you receive

  • Committed time to completely focus on your needs, with self-care strategy sessions up to 2 hours, twice per month
  • Consistent support with unlimited email advising between sessions
  • Less overwhelm, over-scheduling and overworking, by creating and implementing customized, tailored care rituals
  • Better mood and more effective response to stress using techniques to maximize energy levels
  • Simplicity and structure with The Ritual Care™ Method, a practical 4-part wellness framework developed from a blend of “West-meets-East” academic training, empirical research and hands-on experience
  • More flexibility for session scheduling and location, with phone or Skype-based sessions
  • A focus on the mind-body-heart connection, with the option to add private yoga, including prenatal/postnatal work
  • Delightful details, like snail mail surprises, undivided attention and lots of l.o.v.e.


The Girlfriends Group Session

Together, you and your girlfriends will get

  • Opportunity to learn in a fun, engaging and practical setting, with creative, custom wellness workshops
  • Continuing education after the workshop with take-home materials and home practices, depending on the level of engagement
  • Unique content for you and your women, with offerings tailored to your group ideas and goals