Yoga for Ridding Yesteryear

2010Welcome to the very end of 2009, good people!  Hopefully you’re finishing up the year with a lot of good memories and even better plans in tow.  If you are like most, resolutions for 2010 are appearing at alarming speed.  Eat less!  Exercise more!  Stick to a budget!  Spend more quality time with loved ones!

A lot of the resolutions we establish at the start of a new chapter — like a new year — are overwhelmingly related to being better, to getting healthier, to living well.  We naturally realize the importance of renewal as a key to experiencing a more fulfilling, rewarding life.  So how do we do it? 

Life coach, Inner Mama Master and fellow yogi Jenny Fenig encourages reflection as a way to help renew yourself and prepare for a great new year, challenging us all: “As we head into a new decade, take some time to think about what you’ve outgrown, what you’re ready to take out of your closet and put away for GOOD.” That kind of reflection is crucial.  But after you’ve thought about the things that are ready for ridding, what do you do with them?  Where’s the emotional Goodwill donation dropoff?  Well, look no further than your yoga mat!

Yoga is an excellent, effective way to renew yourself regularly.  With asana (physical yoga poses), the body is stretched and strengthened and softened, all in preparation for the stillness of meditation that follows.  Through physical exertion, you wring out the old stuff.  Through simple meditation, you invite in the new.  In other words, when you consistently practice yoga, you reward yourself with countless opportunities for constant renewal.

So, try these 3 steps during your last few hours of 2009:

  • First, spend a few minutes thinking about that parts of your life that no longer fit.
  • Next, use your yoga postures, and the inhales and exhales that guide them, to literally send old, dusty ideas, attitudes and vibes away.
  • Then, settle in to your meditation, and its gentle, focused breathing, to make the mind receptive for and curious about all of the amazing things to come in 2010. Reflect, renew and rejoice in all of your infinite possibility.

Happy New Year from Higher Ground!


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