Why You Should Lose Your Phone (or, at least, not freak out when it happens)

AngerLosing a phone can be downright annoying.

It means that we’re disconnected. It means that we have one more thing “to do,” and one more thing “to buy.”

And it is one of the best chances to see where we’re at.

It shows us how over-connected we’ve been, and how nice it can be to have one less portal to check.

It makes us stop and think. It makes us really feel.

And what we feel helps us relate to everyone who’s experienced loss.

And then it also makes us remember that our loss, compared to the world’s losses, is often minimal.

This perspective, in turn, provides us with the foundation for extraordinary gratitude. Gratitude for what we have. Gratitude for the ability to buy our necessities and conveniences (and shoes!).

Such gratitude provides us with the foundation for compassion.

Such compassion creates a kinder community and, if extended far enough, a kinder planet.

This kindness comes from and goes to your own heart, helping you forgive yourself for silly errors, allowing yourself to rise above the small stuff and generate more resilience by the moment.

Yes. A misplaced phone, or any mistake, can be a resilience machine. (click to tweet)

These little gifts, wrapped up in wholly irritating packing, remind us of our ability to choose our focus and feeling for the day.

Keep breathing, keep growing, keep choosing!

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