What Do These 3 Have In Common?

Simplicity in a Drop

This week, three notable things happened in my world:

So, what do these 3 things have in common?

And, more importantly, what do they have to do with this week’s free wellness tips?

The answer is easy: simplicity.

I didn’t know anything about Reiki a month ago (my only interaction had been of the “Reiki flakey” variety… which is SO not my game). One of the 1,000 things I learned from my teacher’s groundbreaking work, though — particularly her success in Beth Israel Medical Center and other hospitals — was that it is arguably the simplest form of healing I’ve ever seen.

When I started researching and using Pangea Organics products, I adored the simplicity in their ingredients. Compared to other skin care that’s sat on my bathroom shelves, I can pronounce and recognize what I’m putting onto (and hence, into) my body.

Yesterday, it was so beautiful and bright outside, which was warmly welcomed (no pun intended) by Washingtonians. People strolled happily on sidewalks, pups played in parks, couples sat on restaurant rooftops and terraces, enjoying aperitifs and early dinners. All from one cause: the simple sun.

How can you KISS (keep it super-simple) today?

  • Limit the number of poses in your yoga practice?
  • Cut out processed foods and drinks for a while?
  • Switch your complicated workout for a walk outside in nature?
  • Use only one web browser window (and tab) at once?
  • Finally clean out your closets and donate those clothes you haven’t worn in over a year?

Choose to convert the complicated by trying one of these tips for the week, or create your own unique way to demystify your daily tasks.

Invite more simplicity into your life, and
you create more space to live.

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