How to Get World Peace This Week

Ghandi at Sunset

 Confession: years ago, I used to watch pageants. Like, Miss America pageants.

Bigger confession: When I was a kid, I actually participated in pageants. Like, baton-twirling-for-talent sort of events.

Not kidding.

And though both of those things are years in my past, there’s one thing I always remembered about watching pageant contestants on TV… or, rather, one thing I always remembered hearing.

Whenever Miss Wherever was asked about what she wanted, or wished for, or hoped for more than anything, she would often say “world peace.”

In theory, I agree 100%. But in reality, HOW? Making a meaningful dent in the world peace movement can feel a little overwhelming.

Your yoga can give you a pretty cool, practical reminder of how to do this, though. One of the concepts that yogis practice is called “ahimsa,” often translated loosely to mean “nonviolence.”

Practicing ahimsa in everyday life is a fabulously easy, effective and feel-amazing way to carry yoga off of your mat and into your world.

Here are a few, super-simple techniques to try:

  • Give yourself an extra 10 minutes for your commute. Not only will this bring some luscious space into your own schedule, but it’ll also allow you to treat other drivers and pedestrians more patiently.
  • Try a vegetarian or vegan for a day, a week, a month, a lifetime. Having a plant-based diet (whether you eat meat from time to time or not) is a simple change that can save lots of animal lives!
  • Give a stranger a kind compliment. Saying something truly kind is a gorgeous way to surprise someone and put some pep in their step. It also really extends genuine kindness from your heart to theirs.

This week, practice ahimsa in any way that feels good to you. I’d love to hear what you come up with, so report back!

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