On Men and Meditation

Businessman is meditating on sofaI may work with nearly all women, but my private client list also includes one really great guy. We work together a few times a month, for sessions that last anywhere from 60 minutes to 2 hours. And the benefits for him are just as real and tangible as they are for the ladies in my [professional] life.

Still, when it comes to yoga or other wellness activities, you just don’t see many men getting into it. But that doesn’t mean that they aren’t getting interested.

Case in point (and the purpose of this post): this month, both Esquire and GQ magazines published articles on men and meditation. It’s social proof that the male segment of society wants to learn more about this ancient, and insanely effective, technique.

Here are links to the original articles, as well as a few of my favorite parts.

The Totally Stressed-Out Man’s Guide to Meditation, GQ Magazine

I love this because it….

  • mentions the history of transcendental meditation (the type discussed in the article) that adds a credibility factor and suggests long-term staying power.
  • tells you who in Hollywood is meditating, to make it more accesssible (see the Tree of Ommmm infographic).
  • stresses the simplicity of technique and “results.”

Meditation: A Call to Action, Esquire Magazine

I love this because it…

  • starts with a clear, easy scientific explanation of stress: the interplay between the stress response and the relaxation response (which just happens to be the physiological basis for my work — yay).
  • is VERY short.
  • gives two clear ways to practice: repetition and meditation (and since I write about and teach practical ways to practice yoga in everyday life, double yay).

Whether you read one or both or none, do consider sharing (see below) so that more men learn about this super, simple, free way to feel better: better brain function, stress response, patience, mindfulness.

I’ll be sure to tell My Guy. And, of course, all of the men that my women know.


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One Response to On Men and Meditation

  1. Kelly — I found you via Jon. Fields. Love what you say in your quote there about the middle way between knowing and uncertainty. I’ve never known what to call it, but I have known it’s where I belong and part of what I try to encourage in my writing. One of my 101 Tips on How to Be In the Moment:
    In Nature, as in life, we can see more if we notice not just things, but the spaces between things; not just sounds, but the silences they frame. Far from empty, these inhalations in the song of creation are what make each note so clear, so sweet.

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