How Making Coffee Made Me a Better Yogi

Coffee for Yoga

Yesterday, for the first time in 2 years of living in the same apartment, the electricity went out. Just like that.

No overuse of appliances, nothing out of the ordinary. I was making pancakes and had just started a pot of hot, freshly-ground coffee. As soon as that comforting drip began, zip.



I questioned the Universe, and my morning. “Really? Couldn’t we have waited for just one cup? Is this how the day is going to go?”

I called maintenance, checked the other rooms, and discovered that the power in one of the closets still worked.

I realized that I could do one of two things.

I could either stay completely irritated at my breakfast barriers… or I could (aha!) finish brewing the coffee in an unconventional spot.

I quickly plugged the machine into the closet’s socket, and the brew was done in no time. I could’ve also waited for maintenance to arrive, or visited my local coffee shop.

As long as we are open to unconventional answers, we can always find alternatives to give us what we want.

The point really isn’t about how we actually get to the end result. The point is about how we choose to get there.

After all, choice is usually invisible until you remember to look for it.

At the start of every yoga session, I ask my clients to choose an intention. This is a conscious practice of choosing what you want to work on for the hour: kindness, compassion, the breath, etc. Sometimes, I offer an intention. Every time, I give the choice to either take my offering, or think up something from scratch.

Because we always have that option.

We choose our intentions every day, every moment.

We choose how to react when the lights go out. We choose to follow our rigid rules, or to brew our coffee in the closet. We decide to stay in Virabandrasana (Warrior) III, or to take balasana (child’s pose), deepening the practice, letting our choice deepen the practice.

And just as when we are on the mat, we can practice a little less reactivity to stimulus. We can take a deep breath in and out, assess, and mindfully choose which position (or pose!) to take next.

This week, remember your ability to pause…. and then choose how to proceed.

We react constantly instead of act consciously.
Seek to become less reactive, and more active, every day of your life!

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