It’s My All-Time Favorite Yoga Secret…

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It’s something I’ve shared with every private client, and something that I practice daily.

Remarkably simple, and ridiculously effective.

Always available, yet often overlooked.

Priceless, but totally free.

You can do it in less than one minute and, in fact, it’s something that you’re already doing over 20,000 times a day.

So, what’s the key to calm in 60 seconds? 

Just breathe. 

We all know that breathing is essential to living, but conscious deep breathing is essential to living well. Under stress, we catapult into fight-or-flight mode. Muscles tense, jaws clench, stress hormones surge, breathing becomes shallow. Tempers flare, patience evaporates. Moments and miracles are missed.

Deep breathing reverses the downward spiral by turning the fight-or-flight dial down, instead of your whole day. We can rest our bodies, repurpose our energy.

This week, take daily breathing breaks for at least one minute or more (Bloom is a nice phone app reminder, but regular old post-its can work, too!). Expand your lungs to oxygenate your system, bring yourself into the present moment and enjoy that awesome “ahhhh” feeling.

No matter the stress source — work, travel, laundry, traffic, the annoying text message — inhale, exhale.

It’s a 2-step self-care strategy that’s always there to serve you.


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