Is Your Workplace a Wellness Rockstar?

Businesswoman doing yoga with laptop at workThis month’s Yoga Journal (YJ) features a great article on innovative companies that prioritize the well-being of their employees. I was jazzed when I saw it because almost 100% of my clients are career professionals committed to their health!

This isn’t a novel idea, of course — workplace wellness has reached the discussion circles in conference rooms, at seminars and around proverbial water coolers everywhere — and for a critical, yet simple, reason:

You work better when you feel better at work. Health really is wealth.

While some employers are having trouble putting this into policy and practice, others are well on their way and serve as inspiring wellness role models.

YJ’s David Gelles offers a nice overview of what some of the coolest companies are dishing up, like:

  • General Mills, offering weekly meditation classes in a “tranquility room,” complete with yoga mats and meditation cushions.
  • Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, maintaining meditation rooms for employee breaks, and starting the workdays with “mindful movement” sessions.
  • Google, boasting more than 1000 employees with a 16-hour meditation and leadership workshop under their belts.

Workplace wellness isn’t limited to yoga and meditation, though.

Gelles also discusses other modes of making workers healthier and happier, including ways to strengthen relationships at work, the effects of company service projects and even hula hooping at “recess.” One of my personal favorites is pet-based well-being: at Clif Bar, canine companions are welcomed in the office, making the environment friendlier and less stressful.

And then, there is the ever-popular “walking while at work” trick of the treadmill desk. I know about this one personally, even as a self-employed microbusiness owner.

In fact, I wrote this entire post at a speed of 3.0 mph. 😉


P.S. When you’re ready for a work break, check out Gelles’ full article here — and then pass it along to your administrator, company chairman or other person who can get your business’ ball rolling.

P.S.S. Regardless of what your employer is up to, you can always create a few ways to boost your mood while on the job. Walk or stretch while on your conference call, take an actual, email-banned lunch break or, before you get in the office, do a car-based meditation as you end your commute!

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