Inner Buddha Uncovered, Marble Masterpiece Discovered



When I was traveling through Thailand, I paid a visit to the “Emerald Buddha.”

For years, this incredible statue, carved from lustrous jade, was covered in plaster and hidden among regular statues in the country’s coffers. Eventually, the plaster cracked, revealing a gleam of green underneath.

With the full sculpture uncovered, everyone was absolutely shocked at the total treasure that was there, on the inside.

Ancient yoga texts, written halfway across the world, in India, say that each of us is covered with kleshas, the five “veils” — mental and emotional states that separate our inner light from the outside world.

Our task is to dissolve them through devoted practice.

And Italy-born Michelangelo, when asked about his glorious creations, would say that he didn’t actually make masterpieces. Instead, he’d go to the stone yard, look at a marble slab and already see what God created.

His task, he said, was to merely chip away the excess form.

And so is it with you, and me, and our everyday lives.

What can you uncover today? In your conversations, challenges, experiences, your self-awareness, can you chip away the outside coating? What can you dissolve? For a super-practical start, simply reframe that long to-do list by letting all the things you have to do become all the things you get to do.

There’s glimmer in everything, if you’re willing to see beneath the surface.

Look for the gift.

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