Do Nothing

Our Cat, Doing Nothing

Our cat, Addison, is the queen of doing nothing. Such a great reminder!

How are you feeling? How was your weekend? What’d ya’ do?


I’m feeling amazing, weekend was great and, actually, I did nothing.

I mean, I did some things… like spend some truly sacred time with one of my meditation teachers, Karen Maezen Miller, and my lovely DC sangha (Don’t know what a sangha is? Don’t worry. More on this coming soon).

But most of what we did together was simple, blissful nothing.

We sat in total stillness, in meditation, breathing plainly and without instruction. We practiced how to just be there.

Sitting isn’t always comfortable. After a while, for instance, my right leg always falls asleep. And my mind usually races for a good mile or so before it slows down to a sustainable pace.

But that’s the point of practicing how to be still, how to do nothing, when everything is calling your name. Whether it’s a numb leg or a cell phone, a spinning psyche or a crying child, or a yoga pose we think we can’t hold for one second more (until we do).

Our resting place is in the nothingness of not having to react to the constant stimulation that surrounds us.

Try it today, in whatever way stillness works for your life. (This week’s exclusive email has more free tips for readers, specifically on how to do just that).

And this, too: next week, or any weeks after, if you find that blog posts (even this one!) are piling up and causing you stress, don’t read them. Don’t do anything (except maybe delete to clear up your inbox).

Trust that the messages you read will come to you at the right time, that you’ll learn everything you’re supposed to… especially if you create some space in your world by doing nothing.

Doesn’t that feel better?


P.S. This week I’m digging into Maezen’s newest book, Paradise in Plain Sight, as well as continuing The Conscious Parent by Shefali Tsabary, and Success Through Stillness by Russell Simmons (and if you’re an entrepreneur, check out the 3 ways he says meditation will make you more successful here). Each read inspires us to lessen our strenuous efforts and increase our awareness of what’s around us. Highly recommended!

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