If you’re a pregnant yoga mama, you may have heard that adho muka svanasana (downward-facing dog or “DFD”) isn’t safe to do during your third trimester of pregnancy.  As with many of these safety guidelines, though, the reasons behind the rule may remain unclear.

Have you ever wondered why DFD may not be your BFF as you approach your birth day?

It’s an important question, especially for any expectant mamas who have a vinyasa flow practice, where downward-facing dog is a regular posture throughout the class. Some people believe inversions (like DFD) will negatively influence your baby’s positioning, which isn’t ideal in the third trimester as you’re preparing for birth.  The answer, though, isn’t to eliminate DFD totally.


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Ah, the second trimester.

Less fatigue (maybe), more excited phone calls and Facebook posts (perhaps), no more nausea (ideally), additional energy (I hope?)… you might even think about having sex again.


Even if you’re not feeling completely relieved by now, the “second third” section of pregnancy is, indeed, noted as the most blissful of all three — with most women reporting less discomfort, a renewed sense of well-being and an overall feeling of normalcy compared to the first 3 months.

If that’s not you… (more…)

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HiRes CEO on the Go

Earlier this month, I chatted with the Travel Channel in honor of September, as National Yoga Month. We started with why September received this designation (the article didn’t have space for the full answer, but the reason — and the super-cool coincidence about it — is in last week’s post).

Then, we moved on to something that nearly everybody needs to know: travel yoga + wellness. Specifically, how do you take these healthy habits with you when you travel?? (more…)

Woman on top of mountain arms raised iStockIn a recent interview, I was asked why September is National Yoga Month in the United States.

While the answer is uneventful (i.e., the government said so), the designation is still interesting: September happens to be one of the two months a year that we have an equinox, when the lengths of day and night — two opposite forces — are nearly equal and balanced.

So what does this have to do with yoga? (more…)

Businessman is meditating on sofaI may work with nearly all women, but my private client list also includes one really great guy. We work together a few times a month, for sessions that last anywhere from 60 minutes to 2 hours. And the benefits for him are just as real and tangible as they are for the ladies in my [professional] life.

Still, when it comes to yoga or other wellness activities, you just don’t see many men getting into it. But that doesn’t mean that they aren’t getting interested.

Case in point (and the purpose of this post): this month, both Esquire and GQ magazines published articles on men and meditation. It’s social proof that the male segment of society wants to learn more about this ancient, and insanely effective, technique.

Here are links to the original articles, as well as a few of my favorite parts. (more…)