One afternoon a couple of years ago, I walked into a tiny yoga studio for class. Everything was pretty chill: soft music played, light streamed in through the windows, yogis quietly shuffled into their chosen spots, mats neatly placed.

But after I put my own mat down and went to select some props from the borrowing shelves, I heard something I’ll never forget.

As I walked back to my space, I set down my 2 blocks, a blanket, a strap and a bolster. That’s what I heard a girl next to me whisper to her friend. (more…)

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Our Cat, Doing Nothing

Our cat, Addison, is the queen of doing nothing. Such a great reminder!

How are you feeling? How was your weekend? What’d ya’ do?


I’m feeling amazing, weekend was great and, actually, I did nothing.

I mean, I did some things… like spend some truly sacred time with one of my meditation teachers, Karen Maezen Miller, and my lovely DC sangha (Don’t know what a sangha is? Don’t worry. More on this coming soon).

But most of what we did together was simple, blissful nothing.

We sat in total stillness, in meditation, breathing plainly and without instruction. We practiced how to just be there. (more…)

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Simplicity in a Drop

This week, three notable things happened in my world:

So, what do these 3 things have in common? (more…)

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Ghandi at Sunset

 Confession: years ago, I used to watch pageants. Like, Miss America pageants.

Bigger confession: When I was a kid, I actually participated in pageants. Like, baton-twirling-for-talent sort of events.

Not kidding.

And though both of those things are years in my past, there’s one thing I always remembered about watching pageant contestants on TV… or, rather, one thing I always remembered hearing. (more…)

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Little Girl in Child's Pose on Yoga Mat

I haven’t talked about it much, that first time I stepped into a yoga studio. It was not only pivotal in my yoga practice, but in my life… and not for the reasons you might think.

That’s because I took my first studio yoga class when I was totally devastated.

I had been practicing on my own for years (my very first “class” was in my tiny one-room apartment, with a cassette tape — yes, a cassette tape). But, it took me a long time to get to a yoga studio. I’m not sure why.

As often happens in life, though, when the moment finally came, it was right on time.

I was a first-year business lawyer. I was tired, and confused, and stressed. I was over-caffeinated. And, most of all, I was completely, utterly heartbroken, working my way out of a dissolved relationship.

This particular evening was especially painful. I’d had a hard conversation with my ex, and I was crying. In my office. (Sidebar: One of my mottos at the time was “there’s no crying in corporate,” so this was serious business). (more…)