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Coffee for Yoga

Yesterday, for the first time in 2 years of living in the same apartment, the electricity went out. Just like that.

No overuse of appliances, nothing out of the ordinary. I was making pancakes and had just started a pot of hot, freshly-ground coffee. As soon as that comforting drip began, zip.



I questioned the Universe, and my morning. “Really? Couldn’t we have waited for just one cup? Is this how the day is going to go?”

I called maintenance, checked the other rooms, and discovered that the power in one of the closets still worked.

I realized that I could do one of two things. (more…)

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Simplicity in a Drop

This week, three notable things happened in my world:

So, what do these 3 things have in common? (more…)

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One afternoon a couple of years ago, I walked into a tiny yoga studio for class. Everything was pretty chill: soft music played, light streamed in through the windows, yogis quietly shuffled into their chosen spots, mats neatly placed.

But after I put my own mat down and went to select some props from the borrowing shelves, I heard something I’ll never forget.

As I walked back to my space, I set down my 2 blocks, a blanket, a strap and a bolster. That’s what I heard a girl next to me whisper to her friend. (more…)

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Ghandi at Sunset

 Confession: years ago, I used to watch pageants. Like, Miss America pageants.

Bigger confession: When I was a kid, I actually participated in pageants. Like, baton-twirling-for-talent sort of events.

Not kidding.

And though both of those things are years in my past, there’s one thing I always remembered about watching pageant contestants on TV… or, rather, one thing I always remembered hearing. (more…)

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Today, I’ve got a secret to tell. (more…)