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Coffee for Yoga

Yesterday, for the first time in 2 years of living in the same apartment, the electricity went out. Just like that.

No overuse of appliances, nothing out of the ordinary. I was making pancakes and had just started a pot of hot, freshly-ground coffee. As soon as that comforting drip began, zip.



I questioned the Universe, and my morning. “Really? Couldn’t we have waited for just one cup? Is this how the day is going to go?”

I called maintenance, checked the other rooms, and discovered that the power in one of the closets still worked.

I realized that I could do one of two things. (more…)


If you’re a pregnant yoga mama, you may have heard that adho muka svanasana (downward-facing dog or “DFD”) isn’t safe to do during your third trimester of pregnancy.  As with many of these safety guidelines, though, the reasons behind the rule may remain unclear.

Have you ever wondered why DFD may not be your BFF as you approach your birth day?

It’s an important question, especially for any expectant mamas who have a vinyasa flow practice, where downward-facing dog is a regular posture throughout the class. Some people believe inversions (like DFD) will negatively influence your baby’s positioning, which isn’t ideal in the third trimester as you’re preparing for birth.  The answer, though, isn’t to eliminate DFD totally.


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Ah, the second trimester.

Less fatigue (maybe), more excited phone calls and Facebook posts (perhaps), no more nausea (ideally), additional energy (I hope?)… you might even think about having sex again.


Even if you’re not feeling completely relieved by now, the “second third” section of pregnancy is, indeed, noted as the most blissful of all three — with most women reporting less discomfort, a renewed sense of well-being and an overall feeling of normalcy compared to the first 3 months.

If that’s not you… (more…)


So, you’re in your first trimester of pregnancy (yay!).

Your body might feel different, but it doesn’t yet appear to be different. Instead of looking like there’s a baby in there, it really just looks like you ate a big burrito.

People are puzzled: pregnant or just pudgy?

In fact, aside from the “morning” sickness, sore breasts and hormonal hurricanes, let’s just call it as we see it, pumpkin — you don’t even look pregnant to yourself.

You may still wear the same clothes and still sleep on your belly. You may be the mama who sheepishly says “I’m 10 weeks along” instead of the one who beams while announcing  that she’s practically waddling into the delivery room. You may even still be taking your regular yoga class… but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to modify it a bit. (more…)

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Shy Woman Hates Networking

This week, I’m hanging out with fellow yoga biz teachers on the Yoga Teacher Blog Tour, a 30-day e-extravaganza that dishes up daily, free business tips for private yoga instructors. (If you missed yesterday’s pose, head over to hear Betsy Rippentrop, Dr. Yoga Momma, discuss “5 Tips Every Yoga Teacher Needs to Know” from her unique perspective as a psychologist and yoga teacher, and stay tuned tomorrow to check out Julian Walker of!)

Accordingly, this love note is designed for all of you private yoga teacher readers… but even if you’ve never taught or practiced yoga, it’s a message we can all relate to!

The idea came to me last week. I was in the middle of a conversation with a client in my Business Primer program for yoga and wellness teachers, and we fell into a topic that is often dreaded amongst business owners (and particularly private yoga teachers!)… (more…)