Remember When This Was the Best Part of Your Day?

Recess Walking Along the Park 2

As you probably know, the hot trend in recent years is to not have any resolutions. You might have heard (or said) “No one keeps them, so I don’t bother making them. I prefer to focus on long-term changes instead.

Except we don’t really do that, either, mostly because resolutions tend to be unrealistic, unreasonable and downright painful. That is SO not my game (and, since you’re still reading this, it’s probably not yours either).

It’s actually great to have goals, but this year, make them stickier by letting FUN be your focus. 

“Exercising more” is a fabulous example: at the top of the resolution list every year, but at the bottom of the fun pile.

IMG_2081There are a million ways I like to tackle this one, but here are two:

#1  When you’re putting your workout time in your weekly schedule*, call it “recess.”

Doesn’t that flip the script a bit? Remember when this used to be the best part of the day? When the teacher shouted this word and it made you excited? Even delighted?

#2  Actually turn your newly-named recess into an awesome time.

Last week, for instance, I bundled up and took a walk outside in the cold Washington, DC air, along Rock Creek Park. Not only did I opt for listening to a super audio book instead of regular music (such a treat!), I also ended up along a beautiful part of the Creek, with the sunlight just so, glittering off of the water and the rocks. Mindful moments like that can make “exercise” exceptional.

Better healthier doesn’t have to mean bootcamp. Get out there and play! (click to tweet)

* Bonus tip: Actually adding your “recess,” “temple time” or other wellness activity to your calendar EACH week is a super-effective way to stay committed to your care.


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