“Yoga is the ultimate self-care; a workout and a retreat for the mind, body and spirit.”


Kelly Ocean Beach Yoga Bali

Imagine if one simple change in your routine could change your whole life.

Imagine yourself: less tired, less overwhelmed, less caffeine-dependent, sugar-addicted and flat-out stressed out. More connected to your body, more relaxed, more joyful, mindful, grateful, happier.

How do you look?

How do you feel?

How do your loved ones love being around the healthiest, happiest version of you?

Higher Ground Yoga is a woman-owned, woman-focused private yoga business, based on the limitless possibility in those answers.

Committed only to private clients and their invitees, we offer private yoga sessions and workshops for busy women, birth preparation and doula support for pregnant mamas, and business advising for yoga teachers and other wellness professionals with private clients.

Look around. Learn more. Let us know how we can support your path.

About the Owner

Kelly_NewsomeHi.  Welcome.  I’m Kelly.

I come alive by working with women who want to supercharge their self-care, their health, their lives. Advising and teaching are my tools. Higher Ground and its new parent company, Ritual Care, are my platforms.

It started during my former career as a business attorney, spending many hours in busy, deadline-driven workspaces.  As a lawyer, I discovered that self-care isn’t just something that makes us feel good — it’s a massive factor in happiness, work performance and sanity.  I’ve been hooked ever since.

You can read more below, or just watch the video from Bloomberg Law, where I chat with Spencer Mazyck about how much my work rocks.


“I have the best job on the planet…”


(Source: Bloomberg)

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