About Kelly Newsome Georges

“Yoga is a sacred form of true self-care; a workout and a retreat for the whole being, mind, body and spirit.”


Kelly Ocean Beach Yoga Bali

Higher Ground Yoga began during my former career as a business attorney, spending many hours in busy, deadline-driven workspaces. As a long-time student of yoga, I relied on yoga classes for balance and stress relief… but, with my schedule, I rarely found the time to make it to a studio.

Little did I know that this would become the motivation to become the teacher. Soon, I traded law practice for yoga practice.

In 2009, I created Higher Ground Yoga to help busy women in Washington, DC experience yoga’s remarkable benefits. Higher Ground quickly became the local premier private yoga provider and grew to serve an international client base, offering private yoga sessions at home, wellness workshops, birth preparation consultations, birth doula support, and business advising for yoga teachers and other wellness professionals with private clients.

Over the years, however, Higher Ground’s services outgrew its name… and I married a Frenchman, gave birth to have a beautiful child and relocated part-time to Paris, making private yoga classes at home in Washington more difficult to deliver.

Today, Higher Ground is owned by a parent company, Ritual Care. Through Ritual Care’s advising sessions and virtual classroom, I teach busy women around the world super, simple ways to live well.

I no longer accept new private yoga clients, but I do offer recommendations for several other private yoga instructors in the Washington, DC metro area, on the Contact Page.

To stay in touch, please visit me at ritualcare.com.

Be well and breathe deeply!