5 Must-Read Reasons to Become a Yoga Mom (or Dad)

Kids Yoga Headstand

If you’re reading this, you probably know a thing or two about yoga.  Yoga for adults is the norm these days, especially in big, stressed-out cities like Washington, DC.  We know (or know someone who knows) how incredible yoga can make our bodies feel… but we’re just now starting to realize the boundless benefits of yoga for little bodies, too.

Not that there is certainly no shortage of activities for kids these days.  Ask any neighborhood listserve, and find an immense archive of opportunities for your son to learn to swim, your daughter to learn to dance, you to become a bonafide soccer mom.  But the big truth is that yoga is exploding as a fun, go-to activity for little ones.

There are specially-designed children’s yoga studios, classes, workshops and programs all over the planet, and there’s good reason these providers are popping up faster than your child’s growth charts.  

Like grown-ups, kids often leave yoga classes with an increased sense of well-being, happiness and awareness of themselves and others.  Their bodies benefit tremendously from the physical activity, and their emotional selves come into balance by learning how to breathe effectively.

You could research for hours to learn the plus side of a kids yoga practice… but if you actually have children, I’m going to assume you may not have those hours to allocate.  Instead, here are my five favorite reasons — what I call “the 5 Cs” — for why kids yoga is so incredible:

children connect positively with themselves through movement, stillness and breath, and with their peers through team-building and practicing yoga principles, like ahimsa (nonharming)

yoga poses and games practice hand-eye/bodily movement coordination

yoga art and games encourage creative thinking and problem-solving

children gain immense confidence when they see what their bodies can do!

your child’s yoga mat can be a wonderfully safe space for settling down from stress

Another awesome thing about kids yoga is that it’s a super way to expose your child at a very young age to a practice that can provide immeasurable benefits throughout his or her entire life.  And that’s something that not many playgroups, or soccer leagues, can score.

Tip: To get your child on the mat, check out Lil Omm Yoga, a yoga center for the entire community that provides kids-only and family yoga classes, in addition to its prenatal, postnatal and adult yoga offerings (they also offer childcare while you practice — love that!).  For child-focused yoga at home, check out the books and DVDs from Itsy Bitsy Yoga, Storyland Yoga and Shanti Generation Yoga

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