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Home » Daily Happiness Practices: Part 3 of 3

Daily Happiness Practices: Part 3 of 3


This week’s strategy is arguably the single-most effective of the three. But it’s also the most challenging, because we have to go inside and get mindful about mindset.

So why does mindset matter?

Quite simply, your mindset — and, in particular, your perceptions and beliefs — create the template from which you see the WHOLE world.

Or, as I sometimes say:

Just like wearing glasses, your beliefs are the lenses through which you see everything.

Now, granted, mindset strategies are a little more abstract and challenging than eating well or connecting with your friends to feel awesome.

And that’s exactly why they’re so powerful.

So, to make this idea a little more doable and concrete, here are a few practical ways to incorporate mindset care rituals into your day.

Daily Happiness Practices, Part 3:
Choose Your Beliefs

REST your mind for 2 minutes minimum, with meditation, yoga, prayer, deep breathing, stillness or other sacred practice,
Take 100% RESPONSIBILITY for your feelings, thoughts and actions, so that you see your own power in every situation, and
REPURPOSE your energy into the thoughts feel good.

To close the end of the series, here are a few extra tips:

On resting: avoid using TV, video games, or anything else that gives your brain something to do. Instead, try something that gets you to your core.

Think “mindful rest,” not “mindlessness.”

On responsibility: this is one I often get pushback on! Sometimes clients say, “so, what if you’re in a situation where someone else has done something really rude, hurtful or just wrong?” I hear you!

But taking “100% responsibility” here isn’t excusing someone’s bad behavior. It’s simply monitoring yours in response to it.

When you do this, you keep control over yourself and, hence, some control over the situation. (Note: this feels especially awesome if you’re Type A).

On repurposing: this is a simple, but not easy, tool. It requires mindfulness, discipline and practice. But take a moment and think, truly, about a child’s laughter, or your favorite place, or the best yoga class ever. Yum, no?

This simple repurposing shifts your internal gears, helping you drive down a more enlightened road.

I challenge you this week to choose your beliefs wisely and, accordingly, to see the road you are choosing to travel.

Home » Daily Happiness Practices: Part 2 of 3

Daily Happiness Practices: Part 2 of 3


Last week, we talked about “Cherishing Your Body,” one of the tools in my private client programs for feeling awesome everyday.

This week, we’re focusing on incorporating more bliss into your life. In fact, I wholeheartedly, unapologetically recommend that you…

Give yourself permission to practice bliss. Every. Single. Day.

Need ideas?

Part 2 to the rescue!

Daily Happiness Practices, Part 2: Practice Your Bliss

CALENDAR self-care time into your physical schedule,
COMMIT to do at least one act from your Bliss List (or other brilliant source), and
CONNECT with members of your “choir” or similar community.

Adding an appointment with yourself to your physical calendar, and committing to a pre-determined action from a handy list of ideas, are ways to dramatically improve your chances of actually taking care of yourself. And all of those weekender examples above are ways to practice connecting with your choir, the most important people in your world — it’s a truly blissful way to take care of yourself even while you’re with others!

Continue cherishing your body this week, but try to incorporate one or more daily bliss practices, too. It can’t hurt, but it can soooooooo help!

Home » Daily Happiness Practices: Part 1 of 3

Daily Happiness Practices: Part 1 of 3

Happy woman!
Happy week to you, amazing people.

That’s a good way to start this week’s note, actually, because the topic is happiness.

Specifically, what can we all do to be happier every single day?

No, I mean, really. Truly. Practically.

Creating more happiness, well-being and a better quality of life aren’t new concepts to you, of course (otherwise, you probably wouldn’t be reading this) and these popular themes aren’t just the primary goals of my Core Care and Business Care curricula for busy women who crave more meaningful lives… these ideas are discussed in many programs around the world.

So why aren’t we all as happy as we want to be? How do we get there?

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Home » Do Nothing

Do Nothing

Our Cat, Doing Nothing

Our cat, Addison, is the queen of doing nothing. Such a great reminder!

How are you feeling? How was your weekend? What’d ya’ do?


I’m feeling amazing, weekend was great and, actually, I did nothing.

I mean, I did some things… like spend some truly sacred time with one of my meditation teachers, Karen Maezen Miller, and my lovely DC sangha (Don’t know what a sangha is? Don’t worry. More on this coming soon).

But most of what we did together was simple, blissful nothing.

We sat in total stillness, in meditation, breathing plainly and without instruction. We practiced how to just be there.

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Home » Hate Networking? Then You’ll Love This.

Hate Networking? Then You’ll Love This.

Shy Woman Hates Networking

This week, I’m hanging out with fellow yoga biz teachers on the Yoga Teacher Blog Tour, a 30-day e-extravaganza that dishes up daily, free business tips for private yoga instructors. (If you missed yesterday’s pose, head over to hear Betsy Rippentrop, Dr. Yoga Momma, discuss “5 Tips Every Yoga Teacher Needs to Know” from her unique perspective as a psychologist and yoga teacher, and stay tuned tomorrow to check out Julian Walker of!)

Accordingly, this love note is designed for all of you private yoga teacher readers… but even if you’ve never taught or practiced yoga, it’s a message we can all relate to!

The idea came to me last week. I was in the middle of a conversation with a client in my Business Primer program for yoga and wellness teachers, and we fell into a topic that is often dreaded amongst business owners (and particularly private yoga teachers!)…

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